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Specially adapted aerial models
With digital & wireless equipment

Are the old expensive solutions profitable?
Until now, the process of capturing aerial photos of an area has involved an extremely high or even prohibitive cost. As a consequence, this very functional and efficient means of promotion, research and investigation has not been correctly exploited and/or fully utilized by individuals, enterprises and services that actually need it.

Overcome obstacles
The conventional solutions of aerial photography employing aeroplanes or helicopters are subject to various restrictions and are very expensive.
Today, a new functional and economical choice helps you envision aerial photography in a new way and overcome the difficulties and barriers presented by a staffed flight.

The new solution in aerial photography
AERIALphotos presents the most affordable method of aerial photography that has ever been launched, which combines both the dynamic evolution of aerial models and the modern digital photography technology.
Specially adapted remote-control (rc) aerial models, equipped with state-of-the art digital equipment meet the highest demands and even provide an answer to the most specialized aerial photography needs.

Innovation, efficiency and application that best fits your needs
has dedicated many years to investigation, research and the deployment of both internal combustion and electric powered aerial models, in which remote-controlled photography equipment is mounted. The advantages of digital technology used is extraordinary, with capabilities of capturing digital images using high-resolution DSLR & Compact Digital Cameras.
Furthermore, a special monitor enables the instant monitoring of aerial images from the aerial model control center on the ground, so that you are at any given time aware of what is captured or video recorded.
In AERIALphotos we are committed to a timely delivery of your aerial photos, always within the deadline that you define and in a way tailored to your exact requirements.

Flexibility & adaptability
By means of the new aerial photography method even the most remote locations can become accessible.
The remote-controlled aerial models employed by AERIALphotos are adapted to the morphological and climatic conditions of our country and therefore, it does not take them long to take off and land.

Highest performance alternative at the lowest cost!
Take advantage of the most affordable aerial photography method and make the most of the significant features now available to you.
Make full use of the ability to fly even to the most inaccessible locations and enjoy the absolute control of each aerial photography project and above all the impressive photographic quality.


  • Hotels
  • Tourist enterprises
  • Real estate agents
  • Archaeological authorities
  • Municipalities-Prefectures
  • Forest inspection authorities
  • Farmers
  • Industries
  • Publishing houses
  • Graphic artists (image bank)
  • Architecture firms
  • Solar Panels
  • Archaeological Sites
  • Telecommunications Antennas

...since 2004!

Now aerial photography
Becomes accessible to everyone!
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